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Feb 8, 2022
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The New Homebuyer’s Guide to Moving to Okotoks

Looking for a community that has that quiet small-town vibe but is still accessible to the city? Okotoks just might be the place for you!

This little town has everything you need. From its amenities to its atmosphere, it’s hard not to fall for Okotoks’ charms.

It has a warm and welcoming community that you can count on, especially in times of need. With its volunteer programs and people-centered activities, the town of Okotoks is sure to take care of its residents.

But before you get settled in, here are some quick facts about Okotoks.

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Quick Facts About Okotoks

Okotoks is located about 20 kilometers south of Calgary, Canada’s largest city. It is only 40 minutes away from Calgary International Airport.

Okotoks also has an above-average education level and household income. The trade thrives in this town because the municipality doesn’t charge an additional business tax for its businesses.

Pros of Moving to Okotoks

Cost of Living and Accessibility

The housing cost in Okotoks is 39% lower than the national average. Even the overall cost of living in Okotoks is 9% lower than the national average. This only means that both properties and goods are more affordable in Okotoks. Living in Alberta can be pricy if you’re staying in Calgary, but living in Okotoks is a great alternative.

Okotoks has a lot of schools within its town. The schools make sure to give high-quality education to their students. The town also hosts youth initiatives and volunteer programs to help the community.

Other services are also provided with good quality. A shop like Main Street Market & More houses several services that cater to the needs of their customers. They showcase local crafts and aim to help small businesses thrive.


It only takes 10–15 minutes to get to Calgary by car. There are also public transport vehicles available to take you to and from the city.

There are also interconnected pathways that the people could use freely within Okotoks. Whether you’re walking or biking around, these pathways will get you to places within the town.


Okotoks is one of the safest places to live in Canada. The crime index of only 16.18 in this little town is much lower compared to that of Alberta and Canada.

Neighbourhoods in Okotoks are also quiet and peaceful. If you’re exhausted from a whole day of working, coming home to Okotoks will surely calm you down with its relaxing atmosphere.


The whole town of Okotoks is actively moving towards a more sustainable community.

Okotoks has chosen to focus on improving the quality of life of its people. Instead of urbanizing their town to accommodate unlimited growth, the town’s leaders decided to preserve and take care of their environment.

Besides the pathways, Okotoks has been making a lot of other efforts aimed towards sustainability.

For one, the neighbourhood of Drake Landing uses solar energy for its heating systems. The town also has waste management and water conservation programs. The main goal of these programs is to live within the means of their environment, especially Sheep River—their primary water source.

Cons of Moving to Okotoks

Harsh Winters

Okotoks can have pretty harsh winters. During this time, the average temperature ranges from 15°F–30°F. The thickness of snow can be anywhere from 1.2–2.3 inches.

If you’re not used to cold temperatures, you might want to start investing in some good-quality padded jackets for the winter.


The daily commute to and from Calgary (if your job is located there) might be a little pricey. Public transportation may be comfortable, but it might take up a big chunk of your monthly budget.

If you can find other Okotokians that are willing to carpool with you, you might want to give it a shot. Carpooling will definitely cost less than public transport. It’s also more eco-friendly.


If you’re someone who’s moving from a city, living in Okotoks might take some time getting used to. Since this town has that rural vibe, you might find that things move a little slower around here.

When moving to Okotoks from the city, you might have to remind yourself to take a step back and enjoy what the town has to offer.

Moving to Okotoks

moving to okotoks guide

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First things first! Here are some ways to help improve the chances of selling your home. You’ll get a buyer in no time!

While preparing for your move, check out these listings in Okotoks. There are a lot of different houses in different neighbourhoods that you can check. Find the one that suits your taste best. Then you will need to follow few steps to get mortgage pre-approval from the bank and make an offer. We covered all information in our homebuyer guide to make your homebuying experience better.

Once you’re finally ready to move to Okotoks, here’s a community guide to help you get settled right in. You can look forward to a lot of beautiful places and activities to try in your soon-to-be home.

To recap, here’s all you need to know about moving to Okotoks:

  • Okotoks has a lower cost of living than average. Houses and goods are affordable.
  • It has schools that offer high-quality education. It also has a wide variety of shops that cater to everyone. You won’t need to go to the city just to find what you need!
  • Public transportation is accessible. There are also pathways within the city if you feel like walking or biking to get to places.
  • The crime rate in Okotoks is much lower than average. It is a safe place to live in.
  • The community continually makes efforts towards sustainability.
  • Winters may be harsh, so make sure to have padded coats!
  • You might need some time to get adjusted to life in Okotoks. Just sit back and enjoy the peace that this small town brings!
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